Our Primary Conservation Goal
Produce shellfish of unsurpassed quality while preserving our coastal resources.

Coastal Resource Conservation Goals
• Preserve the health of Carlsbad’s Agua Hedionda Lagoon coastal marine ecosystem
• Improve the lagoon’s habitats by sustainably grown shellfish and Eelgrass plantations
• Improve strains of native shellfish more resilient to the effects of ocean acidification

Conservation Project Strategies
• Develop self-sustaining, community-based, "Living Shoreline" restoration projects
• Develop projects that improve the health of Agua Hedionda Lagoon’s ecosystem
• Develop community-based conservation projects that actively engage volunteers

What are Living Shorelines?
“Living Shorelines” are living spaces for plants and animals in coastal estuaries, lagoons and bays. Placement of oyster shells for settlement enhances the ecological health of coastal habitats, improves water clarity and encourages new growth of Eelgrass beds, while reinforcing shorelines against the erosive wave action from rising sea level.

What is Eelgrass?
Eelgrass is an underwater plant and an essential component of “Living Shorelines” that supports a diversity of shellfish, crabs, fishes, and birds. Thousands of square miles of Eelgrass that once flourished in our coastal waters, but have declined due to coastal development. Planting Eelgrass is an effort to reverse this trend and restore habitats.

What are Oyster Beds?
Oyster beds provide living spaces for many species and food for shorebirds, sea stars, whelks and fish. A century ago wild oyster beds were far more abundant and served as a foundation species for the flora, fauna and fisheries in estuaries. West coast popularity of the oyster fishery began with the 49er Gold Rush, which led to the collapse of oyster populations on the coast. The native oyster fishery was lost and its role in filtering estuaries and was degraded. Our conservation goal is to restore native oyster beds.

Oyster Rangers

Oyster Rangers is a community-based, non-profit initiative of the Carlsbad Aquafarm. Oyster Rangers are volunteers who retrieve oyster shells restaurants and grocery stores, and work with conservation organizations to use the shells to build oyster reefs. Oyster Rangers also plant Eelgrass in estuaries permitted for living shorelines for restoration.

OneOC is a non-profit organization that serves as Oyster Rangers’ fiduciary agent. Financial contributions for Oyster Rangers should be directed to OneOC, 1901 E. 4th Street, Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

Since the Carlsbad Aquafarm was established our shellfish have filtered billions of gallons of seawater flowing through the Aqua Hedionda Lagoon