Set the standard for production of shellfish of unsurpassed quality through, environmental stewardship, state-of-the-art aquaculture and sustainable seafood farming practices.
Operate a world-class shellfish farm that is efficient and sustainable. We use the quality of our seafood and the health of the environment in which we work to serve as benchmarks to gage our success.
Be an integral, valued part of the life, culture, character and brand of Carlsbad, a welcoming beach community with an abiding connection with the rhythm, life and health of the ocean.
Protect natural marine environment where we grow and harvest our shellfish, and always employ best practices in sustainable aquaculture in every other aspect of our operations.
Preserve Our Working Waterfront
Work with the City of Carlsbad, NRG and our partner research universities that continue to support Carlsbad’s flourishing Working Waterfront in the scenic Agua Hedionda Lagoon.
Protect our Coastal Wildlife Habitats
Support best practices that preserve the lagoon’s water clarity and health to provide an ideal habitat for Eelgrass and a home to a diversity of shorebirds, fish, amphibians and mammals.
Advance Blue Tech
Collaborate with USC's Wrigley Marine Lab to breed shellfish resilient to ocean acidification. Continue work with MiraCosta College to build Aquaculture Internships and Apprenticeships.
Enhance Carlsbad's Brand
Enhance Carlsbad’s brand as a beach town with an historic working waterfront, acclaimed for its locally-grown shellfish featured in the region's finest seafood restaurants and markets.

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