Mediterranean Black Mussels
Mytilus Galloprovincialis (15 - 20 per pound)
Our Black Mussels possess a complex flavor of musk, brine, and butter with a firm, creamy texture. When our mussels are steamed with nothing added they will be light, almost fluffy, and tender, without the slightest “fishy” taste. Size varies.
We grow our mussels suspended above the sea floor on “long-lines” supported by rafts of barrel-shaped floats. It can take up to 18 months for our mussels to reach market size.
A number of our favorite recipes have been shared by master chefs, while others are handed-down, treasured family traditions that stretch back generations to Old World mussel farming families and restaurateurs from Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.
Spanish Paella
A popular mussel dish is Spanish Paella, shown above served on a chafing dish is perfect for special occasion banquets, weddings or cozy gatherings of family and friends. Paella has long held a place of honor in the coastal villages of Northern Spain. Hearty, colorful, and nourishing, Paella is best served with a good Spanish red wine from the vineyards of the Rioja region of Northern Spain. Spanish chefs suggest enjoying this popular dish with a crusty baguette and a refreshing mixed green salad.

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