Our farm straddles a narrow spit of sand that separates our grow-area from the Pacific Ocean. Our oysters and mussels are suspended above the sea floor on longlines that ride upon tidal currents where they feed on nutrient streams that flow through “our floating farm.”
Our shellfish grow in submerged trays and lines suspended above a sandy seafloor by anchored floats. The continuous supply of fresh nutrients flowing through our farm ensures that each shellfish grows healthy, meaty, and packed with nutrients.
Ball floats, rigged on longlines hold stacks of oyster trays above the sea floor, protecting the mollusks from hungry sea stars and whelks hunting along the bottom.
Our crew takes special care with each and every oyster they raise by hand. Batches of oysters are methodically removed from water and tumbled 9 times before harvesting.
In the morning hours, our shellfish are hoisted from the lagoon, brought ashore and placed into a tumbler - that rotates and sprays the oysters, just as waves tumble wild oysters on shorelines. The process stimulates growth causing the oysters to become meatier.
Each oyster is gently tumbled every five weeks to emulate the natural fluctuations of surf rushing along the shore. Similar to the constant rolling motion of surf and sand, the tumbling action invigorates oyster growth and polishes their glassy shells.
Tumbling in a spray of seawater cleans the shells, stimulating shells to form a deep cup coveted by connoisseurs. Our oyster's amber-colored shells are streaked with trademark bands of deep purple and white stripes.
When our shellfish reach market-size they are immersed in triple-filtered, chilled seawater - a purification process that purges plankton, sand or grit from the shellfish.
Each oyster is a masterpiece of nature, a work-in-progress that spans 510 million years. These gifts from the sea are packed with protein, vitamins A, E, C, B12, zinc, calcium, selenium, iron, and Omega-3 fatty acids, a key component of the brain, skin, and retina.
It takes time to hand-raise shellfish. Farming in harmony with the sea’s natural rhythms cannot be rushed, and is rewarded with delectable shellfish of unsurpassed quality.
Our Carlsbad Blondes are legendary for their delectable favor that evokes a touch of melon and cucumber, with a delicate briny finish. Blondes have deeply cupped glassy, amber shells, streaked with ivory and deep purple markings.
Carlsbad Lunas are fantastic for first-time oyster-eaters! Locally they have an almost cult following. Their plump, delicious meat has an aroma of fresh cucumbers, encased in a deeply-cupped shell overflowing with the flavorful liquor of the North Pacific.

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