Carlsbad Blondes
Large 3.5" - 4.5"
Carlsbad Blondes are grown in the pristine waters flowing from South Carlsbad State Beach into the Agua Hedionda Lagoon. Each oyster receives personal handling, from spawning to harvest. Every Blonde is packed with delicious meat encased in a deeply-cupped amber-colored shell.
Carlsbad Lunas
Medium 2.5" - 3.5"
Carlsbad Lunas are fantastic for first-time oyster eaters and connoisseurs alike. They have a creamy mouth-feel and the aroma of fresh cucumbers. Chefs appreciate their plump, delicious meat and sweet, briny finish. Carlsbad Lunas are among the finest oysters grown on the coast.
It takes a devoted crew of hatchery specialists, seasoned shellfish farmers, dedicated biologists, and highly skilled tradespeople to spawn and nurture oysters from tiny seeds, to become the shellfish that dress dinner platters and delight pallets of our customers across California.
Each oyster is unique, from the colorful patterns on its glassy shells, the subtle mixture of its briny liquor to the savory blend of flavors that complement each other into a culinary delight.
Carlsbad Aquafarm works with chefs representing many culinary traditions. Southern California is well-known for its use of freshly harvested seafood, locally-grown organic ingredients, and fusion cuisine with Asian, Oceanian and Latino influences. Our Mediterranean climate has attracted Italian, French, and Spanish vintners, olive oil farmers and chefs that contribute to the region’s rich culinary mosaic.

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