MISSION: To farm delicious shellfish in harmony with a healthy marine environment

Carlsbad Aquafarm

Carlsbad Aquafarm cultivates Mussels and Oysters in a scenic coastal lagoon on the outskirts of the picturesque beach city of Carlsbad, California.

We hand-raise our shellfish using sustainable methods that improve water quality while enhancing the ecosystem health of the marine environment. The result is a healthy ocean and premium shellfish of unsurpassed quality.

We committed to sustainable aquaculture that preserves ocean resources.

Product Sales
Our premium shellfish can be purchased at the fine seafood restaurants, such as King’s Fish House and Water Grill, leading supermarkets such as Whole Foods Market, and charming seafood markets in Carlsbad, such as Top Choice Fish, located less than a mile from our farm.

Contact info@carlsbadaquafarm.com